ReadTheDocs and Sphinx

The powerful and popular Read The Docs service lets you configure your GitHub repository so that every time you push a new version of your software, the documentation gets automatically rebuilt and made available at:<project-name>/

Last but not least, once you’ve written your documentation you have to put it somewhere for the world to see! Read the Docs makes this quite simple, and is free for all open source projects.

  • Register for an account at
  • Click the Import Project button
  • Add the URL for a specific repository you want to build docs for
  • Sit back and have a drink while Read the Docs does the rest.

It will:

  • Pull down your code
  • Install your requirements.txt
  • Build HTML, PDF, and ePub of your docs
  • Serve it up online at http://<projectname>


View the project page for this tutorial on ReadTheDocs

Read the Docs Features

Read the Docs gives you a number of additional features.

  • You can add Versions to your project for each tag & branch.
  • You can alerts for when your doc build fails
  • You can search across the full set of docs


View this tutorial on ReadTheDocs